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Annadel morning

2 May 2021 6:23 PM | Anonymous

By FOTA Board President Don McCullough

The mountain bike ride from Buick Meadow downhill along the Marsh Trail in Trione-Annadel State Park is always beautiful, even more so this morning.

The fire scarred trees are recovering and the grass on the forest floor is emerald green. The redwood grove was burned but is doing well too. As I rode, the breeze of the air was cool on my skin. As I slowed for the people toiling uphill (as I had done just a little while before) they smiled and waved. Everyone is happy to be in the woods.

The trail is full of bumps and twists, so the group of Tom turkeys strutting their stuff in the middle of the trail surprised me. I stopped and watched them puff themselves up as the hens quietly crossed and disappeared into the shade of the woods. The Toms followed with a loud gobble.

As the trail descends it returns to civilization, getting smoother and wider, until I cross the bridge and onto the gravel road. And finally, the parking lot. What a wonderful park we have at our doorstep, every day I can hike or bike there is a pleasure.

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